Recovery, Your Child and Flower Essences

My Love for Flower Essences

Far there’s never been a time where I haven’t had fantastic results whilst taking these essences. They’re not standard medication; rather their healing qualities are vibrational and work on the body, mind, and spirit principle.

With their special vibrational qualities, flower essences have been utilized throughout the ages by many cultures for health and healing. They’re used to clear, and solve emotional states and imbalances discovered within our system by taking drops under the tongue. I sometimes utilize them in combination with essential oils (aromatherapy) in my oil burner and in some cases even in the bath water.[1]

Everything in the recognized Universe vibrates (quantum physics) even we have a special vibrational rate, and so do flowers and other plant life.

Since they’re safe to use not just for adults but likewise for animals and kids, I like flower essences. Of the many various essences I’ve attempted throughout the years, the Australian Bush Flower Essences have actually been the most reliable for me. I reside in Australia and resonate at an extremely deep level with this nation although my origins lie in Europe.

There are many wonderful and special essences to pick from around the world consisting of, however not restricted to, the following:

Flower (Bach, Alaskan, Australian Bush Flower, FES), Ancient Rainforest,
Animal, Shell, Coral, Gem, Crystal, Angel, Goddess, EarthSpirit.

To find a professional and/or provider near you merely do a web search for any of the words or phrases above and ending with ‘Essences’ (eg. Flower Essences, Animal Essences etc).

From individual experience the regularly these essences are utilized the higher the benefits. If there’s no issue, there’s no reason for taking them. They’ll only work when an issue has emerged.

Not just does my boy take them on celebration however so has my child, especially when she was entering her teenage years. The drops she was taking at the time were called ‘Adol’ Essence and helped her deal with issues of insensitivity, rebelliousness and a ‘unfair’ mindset, to name a few concerns teens face as they move into a new stage of life. ‘Adol’ Essence was a great sanity-saver for her mom!

How do I or did I know they worked you might ask?

Due to the fact that I understand the behaviors of my children and their personalities I’ve been able to keep track of any changes however subtle when they take these essences. What I see and end up being conscious of I compose in a journal and compare the previously and after.

Taking flower essences doesn’t mean disregarding traditional medication. When appropriate, I use both where and. The two can easily be used to complement each other.

I’m all for health and recovery the mind, body and spirit without using drugs, especially for my kids. Flower essences are simply another opportunity (of which there are numerous) along the path of recovery.

With their special vibrational qualities, flower essences have actually been used throughout the ages by numerous cultures for health and recovery. I enjoy flower essences due to the fact that they’re safe to utilize not only for adults but also for children and animals. Of the lots of different essences I’ve tried over the years, the Australian Bush Flower Essences have been the most effective for me. From personal experience the more often these essences are utilized the greater the advantages. Taking flower essences does not suggest overlooking traditional medicine.[2]


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